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Behind the Scenes

Hello! I’m Jackson Freed, aspiring entertainment marketer and (hopeful) comedy television writer. Born in the States to Canadian parents, I’ve lived all across the country, moving on average every two and a half years.


Not only has this helped me avoid saying “Eh?” after every sentence, but it’s given me an appreciation for different regional cultures. As a result, I’m very adaptable and work well with people of different backgrounds.

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3 C's




Three-Act Values

At my core lies what I call the 3 C’s: compassion, commitment, and creativity. Within compassion, I value honesty, respect, and integrity. Commitment refers to loyalty, determination, and drive. Creativity encompasses adaptability, innovation, and a general openness to break the norm.

These are important to me because they establish the grounds for productive collaboration. Marketing (while it can be data-driven) and writing are inherently creative fields, and these values contribute positively to those spaces.

Familial Influence

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Coming of Age

Currently, I attend the University of Arizona as a Marketing Major and Film & Television Minor. This combination gives me a competitive edge because I am able to draw connections between both the business and creative side of the entertainment industry.

To build on this intersection, I joined Delta Kappa Alpha, a professional cinematic society on campus, where I currently serve as the President. In this organization, I am able to apply my business studies in an entertainment-centric environment.

My passion for the entertainment industry stems from my family. I was raised on a ton of 70s and 80s movies and tv shows, and that left a big impact on me.

Additionally, I grew up surrounded by media professionals. My dad used to be a broadcast journalist before switching to strategic communications and my uncle is an

Oscar-winning documentary editor.


Through both of them, my desire to enter the industry grew

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Media Marketer.

Comedy Writer.

Take a sneak peak behind the scenes and learn more about me!



The below movies and television shows have shaped my sense of humor, my writing style, and who I am. I grew up watching all of these with my parents, with the exception of It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia which I found on my own and has since become one of my favorite shows.

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SNL Poster
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The West Wing Poster
Monty Python and the Holy Grail Poster
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Blazing Saddles Poster
It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia Poster
Professional Snapshot
Jackson Freed

Professional Snapshot


Writing Samples

Script Coverage

This sample script coverage, analyzes the positive, negative, and commercial qualities of the film Alphas. Written for a workshop designed to teach the necessary skills for coverage, this sample demonstrates my ability to summarize and highlight stand-out moments in a standard 2-hour film script.

Note: Over Summer 2021, I interned with Cut Entertainment Group where I wrote single-page coverages for film screeners, building on the skills present in the above sample; however, I cannot share them publicly due to a confidentiality agreement.

Distribution Analysis

This memo, written for a Film & TV Industries course, assesses where the initial distribution strategy for the Party of Five reboot on Freeform went wrong and how it could be resolved.

This demonstrates my ability to write professionallyanalyze past trends, and recommend improvements based on prior unfavorable outcomes.


This script was written for a film production class where we followed a short film idea from development through post-production. Our challenge was to convey an emotion in one minute without any dialogue.

The Demon Ducks script highlights my ability to write an engaging screenplay following industry standards.

Note: The final produced film can be found in the "Tech" section of this website.

Visual Deliverables

Visual Samples

Film Pitch

This film pitch was created for a Business of Entertainment Club competition. In teams, we wrote the logline and synopsis for a film, defined story conventions, designed posters and marketing campaign, and outlined the activation plan.

While my partner and I brainstormed each section together, I wrote the logline, designed the posters, and outlined the marketing campaign. This showcases my writing and marketing skills.

Communication Plan

This communication plan was a team project that provided a recommendation for a communication issue present in The Walt Disney Company for a class.

I designed the slide deck to create a unified aesthetic, and I wrote, filmed, and edited the mock-up commercial on slide 11 to effectively reach our key stakeholder group. This demonstrates my ability to curate information in a concise manner toward a relevant audience.

Executive Summary

This is an executive summary that analyzes my core values, peer-perceived communication styles, and cultural preferences, and identifies my goals.

It highlights my self-awareness and willingness to flex within different team dynamics through relevant examples and data.

Technology Samples

Tech Samples

Adobe Premiere Pro

I filmed Demon Ducks on a Canon Rebel T6i camera with a Zoom H6 sound recorder, and edited with Adobe Premiere Pro

This demonstrates my ability to use professional grade equipment and software.

Microsoft Excel

This Excel data workbook was made for a Marketing Analytics course and it demonstrates my knowledge of Excel functions, histograms, and pivot tables.


This Tableau visualization was created for a Business Statistics class and provides a recommendation for where a company should open a new store. It demonstrates my ability to create engaging data visualizations.


Contact Me

To follow along my hero's journey, connect with me on my socials and feel free to email me for more direct contact. 

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